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Infectious Diseases in Kids


Runny noses and fevers are common occurrences among children and babies. Find out more about infectious diseases in children. Learn about common kid illnesses and diseases, and find out how to limit the spread of infectious disease in daycares, preschools, and school-age children.
  1. Pregnancy Infections
  2. Infectious Diseases and Daycare Centers
  3. Common Kids' Infections
  1. Infections in Older Kids
  2. Vaccines and Prevention
  3. Parent Perspectives

Pregnancy Infections

Getting pregnant weakens your immune system, making you prone to more infectious diseases. Unfortunately, many infectious diseases can be harmful to growing fetuses. Find out more about infections and pregnancy.

Infectious Diseases and Daycare Centers

Daycare centers and preschools are notorious for spreading infectious diseases. How bad are they really, and what can I do to ensure a safer, healthier daycare or preschool for my child?

Common Kids' Infections

Get profiles of specific infectious diseases. Learn about the symptoms, treatment, and prevention tips for each kind of infection.

Infections in Older Kids

Infectious diseases are common in young kids who are still trying to grasp the concept of good personal hygiene. But older kids and teenagers exposed to different social situations are also prone to certain infections. Here are some common infections found in older kids.

Vaccines and Prevention

Which vaccines are needed for your child? What are some handy tips for preventing infections in your children? Find out how to keep your kids healthy.

Parent Perspectives

For fellow parents out there, here are some of my personal experiences with my own kids and infectious diseases.

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