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Salmonella Outbreak!

A Salmonella outbreak has hit the U.S. again, sickening hundreds of people across most of the nation. The CDC is still investigating the source of this nasty bug. What are the symptoms of Salmonella? How is it diagnosed and treated?

Infectious Diseases Spotlight10

Nestle Tollhouse Cookie Dough Recall: Don't Eat the Cookie Dough!

It's comfort food. As kids, we scraped the bowls and licked it off spoons after Mom made a batch. We were thrilled when Ben and Jerry's added it as a flavor for

How Infectious Diseases Cause Cancer

Infectious diseases are responsible for up to 30% of all cancers worldwide. Find out how microbes cause cancer.

Yeast Infections

Profile of yeast infections caused by candida. Symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment.


Profile of Thrush caused by Candida fungi. Symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment.

Invasive Candidiasis - Systemic Candida Fungal Infections

Profile of Invasive Candidiasis that causes a systemic fungal infection. Symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment.

Definition of Virulence

Glossary definition of virulence

Swine Flu H1N1 2009 - Tracking the Cases

A hub site about the swine influenza H1N1 pandemic flu scare of 2009

Swine Flu FAQs

FAQs about swine flu from Harvard Medical School

Swine Flu Infections in Humans

Swine Influenza has been in recent news. Find out more about what it is, its symptoms, methods of treatment, and how to prevent swineflu.

Swine Flu: Death by Influenza

The number of cases of swine flu are steadily increasing worldwide, with 11 countries reporting 257 cases of swine flu (mostly mild), as of today. According to

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