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Respiratory Infections

What do pneumonia, bronchitis, and tuberculosis all have in common? They are all caused by infections in your respiratory pathway. Find out which respiratory infections are the most common and how to diagnose them. Learn the best way to prevent and treat specific infections of the lungs.

Swine Flu FAQs - Facts about Swine Influenza H1N1
Facts about swine flu.

Active Tuberculosis
Active Tuberculosis or TB is a deadly disease that is on the rise in the U.S. Find out what causes active TB, what its symptoms are, and what treatment options are available

Latent Tuberculosis or TB
Latent tuberculosis or TB is an infection that is not symptomatic or contagious. What causes latent tuberculosis? How do you know if you have it? What precautions should you take if you have it?

Strep Throat Diagnosis
Strep throat is diagnosed by clinical symptoms, throat cultures, and rapid antigen detection tests. Find out how each of these diagnostic measures are conducted.

Is it Strep Throat?
How do you know if you have strep throat or just a sore throat from a cold? Find out how to distinguish if it is strep throat and find out what your doctor will look for.

Kiss of Death...(Or Diseases)
Mononucleosis, or mono, is known as the kissing disease, but did you know that there are several infectious diseases that can be spread through kissing and saliva?

Sore Throats
Sore throats are usually caused by infectious microbes. Find out how sore throats occur and which microbes are commonly implicated in infections that cause sore throats

Seasonality of Winter Viruses
Is there any truth to the warning to "bundle up" during winter months notorious for colds and flu? Find out why you're more likely to catch some viruses in cold, dry climates than in hot, humid ones.

Strep Throat: Frequently Asked Questions
What is strep throat? What are its symptoms? How is it diagnosed and treated? Why do I need to take all of the antibiotics if I'm already feeling better? Find out answers to these questions and more.

The Common Cold




Sinus Infections

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